Unrivalled Interactive Pedagogy

There are no lecture theatres or tutorial rooms at SMU. Instead, our unique style of interactive learning is set in MBA-style seminar rooms.

Comprising no more than 45 students each, our seminars provide a supportive environment where there is strong professor-student interaction, fostering open discussions and the exchange of ideas rather than the traditional one-way communication. This conducive and encouraging environment will embolden you to speak up and benefit from intellectually-stimulating discussions with your peers and professors. In the process, you will hone your communication skills and the ability to think on your feet. You will quickly find your own voice, and will be well-equipped to communicate effectively in even the most dynamic working environments.


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Why Join SMU?

The ‘family-like’ atmosphere among the SMU community fosters a culture where employees work, plan, organise and play together – building a strong collegiality and morale within the university.