Learning & Development


Learning is a continuous act that never stops - it takes place at different times and places through our experiences.

SMU supports and encourages all staff to continuously pursue learning and development to ensure that their skills remain relevant. We learn in many ways - one of the model SMU uses is the 70-20-10 learning model. Much of what we know comes from learning and developing through our work, projects and assignments and from the people around us. There is also more formal, structured learning through courses, programmes and self-reading.

Informal Learning

New staff is provided a structured on boarding guide that charts their learning journey in their department for their first year. It provides them with information, resources and tools to lay a foundation for a productive and satisfying career with SMU.




Formal Learning

Staff and their supervisors are jointly responsible for identifying the development needs and ensuring that the knowledge acquired by staff can be applied in their work. They have opportunities to enhance their skills/knowledge by participating in courses provided by SMU Academy or SMU Executive Development or with external training course providers.



Education Sponsorships

It also recognises the significance of continuous development and lifelong learning for staff to contribute to the growth of the individual and value-add to the University. It provides partial financial support for staff who meet the eligibility criteria for part-time undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes.